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Youth Savings Account (Age 0-12)

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  • No monthly fees
  • Watch their money grow with dividends
  • Open with just $5.00 and $1 per Member one-time fee
  • Comes with a special opening gift

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Get your child excited about savings

Head to a branch or get started online today to open a savings account for your child, and watch their eyes light up as they deposit their first dimes and quarters. You can also deposit money on their behalf  through Mobile or Online Banking, money that earns competitive dividends. Plus, they’ll get a free gift when they open their account.

Manage money easily

With Online and Mobile Banking options, we make it easy to keep a close eye on your child’s account. Check up on every account under your name, all from the same convenient place. Moving money into your child’s savings account is also fast and free.

You're on your way! Get started right here online.

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For Youth Accounts (age 0-12), the parent/legal guardian on the account may get an ATM card (in their name) on the account. This may require qualification. The child cannot get an ATM card in their name until they turn 13 and have a Teen account.

Yes. If your youth or teen is not yet a Member (even if you are), you can open the account online. Accounts may also be opened at a branch with the parent/legal guardian present.

In Online Banking, click on "Transfers and Payments" and "Make a Transfer" or tap on "Transfer" within the Mobile Banking app. Choose the account you want to withdraw from and where you want to send the money to. If you are sending to another Member, select "Another Member" under where the money is going, and enter their account number and last name. Enter the amount and submit.

If you would like to transfer funds to an external account where you are an account owner, select “External Transfers” within Online Banking and then select “Add new payee.” Verify and enter requested external account information, then click “Link account.” Within two business days, there will be two small deposits under $1 in your external account. When you see these transactions, return to “External Transfers” on your LBS Financial account to confirm the amounts. You will now be able to transfer money to and from your external account by selecting it on the “Make a Transfer” page in Online Banking or by clicking “Transfer” in the Mobile Banking app.

You can access all of your LBS Financial sub-accounts. If you have multiple accounts at the Credit Union, make sure to click on Link Memberships to bring in all accounts for which you are an owner. View our How to Link Memberships video.

You will need your child's birth certificate, school ID, or California State ID, as well as their social security number. Must be ages 0-12. Bring a minimum deposit of $7 ($1 one-time Membership fee per Member on the account and $5 minimum deposit). Parent/guardian must be a joint owner on the account and will also need to bring their government-issued ID and social security number. If parent/guardian is already a Member, you will only need a minimum of $6 to open the account.