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Phone Banking

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  • Transfer funds and check your balance
  • Make loan payments from your LBS Financial Checking/Savings account

Available 24/7, completely free

Phone banking helps you stay up-to-date on all your finances, no matter where you are. HomeTeller is our comprehensive Phone Banking service, which lets you make payments, find out if checks have cleared, make transfers, and more.

Just give us a call and dial 1 to get started!

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No, this is a service provided to our Members free of charge.

HomeTeller is available 24/7. Just call 800.527.3328 and dial 1 for HomeTeller.

Yes, all account owners on an account can access HomeTeller. Each account will be enrolled with one set of shared credentials.

You may reset your PIN by pressing or saying “9” for Main Menu, “5” for More Options,  then “2” to change PIN or you may contact the call center to request a temporary PIN.

Each individual call to HomeTeller can retrieve up to the last 300 transactions in combination of debits, credits, payments and check history.

Yes, mortgage payments can be made by transferring funds within the same account number. Just give us a call at 800.527.3328 and dial 1 for HomeTeller. If you are not already set up for HomeTeller/phone banking, dial 0 for a call center representative.

Deposits to Share Certificates cannot be made using HomeTeller. For Share Certificates with a term of 6 months or higher, deposits are allowed only within 7 calendar days after maturity by contacting our call center or visiting a branch. For a 3-month Share Certificate, deposits are allowed at any time but you will need to contact our call center or visit a branch to complete a transfer to your 3-month Share Certificate.

No, the system will provide the principal balance only. However, the option to be transferred to a call center team member to obtain a payoff will be offered.

You can make a payment to your consumer loan (vehicles, boats, credit cards, and Home Equity Loan) from your checking or savings account at another financial institution using LBS EasyPay online, over the phone by calling LBS Financial and selecting option 4 (see our Fee Schedule for current fees), or by using the External Transfers feature within Online & Mobile Banking (external transfers can be made into your LBS Financial Savings or Checking account then transferred to pay your LBS Financial loan).

No, only interest-bearing payments are able to be made through HomeTeller.

No, cards cannot be blocked using HomeTeller. Please contact the call center directly during business hours at 800.527.3328. After hours, call 800.527.3328 and select 2 for Visa Debit Card or 3 for Visa Credit Card, then 1 for lost/stolen for assistance.

No, there is no limit to the quantity of transfers or dollar amounts within HomeTeller.

The option to be transferred to a call center team member is offered throughout various areas in the HomeTeller system. However, there is not always the option to press a specific button to be transferred to the call center. You may choose to hang up and call back and dial “0” to speak with a representative.

No, but you you may dial zero for the call center to order checks over the phone, visit a branch, or order through Online or Mobile Banking.

Yes, as long as the check clearing is within the most recent 300 transactions. Each individual call will retrieve up to the last 300 transactions in combination of debits, credits, payments and check history.

Since there is no timeout period, we ask that you please create a unique 4-digit temporary PIN. Try to avoid PINs such as 1234 or that include your Social Security number or date of birth.

Call LBS Financial for assistance. As you become familiar with the sequence for the transactions, you'll enjoy the convenience of banking from your phone using HomeTeller, a FREE service brought to you by LBS Financial Credit Union!