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Home Equity Line of Credit

A loan with lots of flexibility

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Access to Extra Funds

A Home Equity Line of Credit, or HELOC, leverages the equity in your home for access to extra funds at a low interest rate, whenever you might need them. Handle unexpected payments or finally get those home improvements completed. You won’t pay interest on funds that you don’t withdraw, so it’s a great way to get a financial safety net in case of emergencies.

Low Rates, Simple Withdrawals

Get low introductory rate for the first six months and up to 15 years to repay*. After 10 years a Home Equity Line of Credit converts to a 15-year fully amortized loan. With LBS Financial, you get access to your Home Equity Line of Credit through complimentary checks, phone transfers, and our Online Banking service. Pay only the interest payment each month or interest plus principal.

Open a line of credit today to use it whenever you need it!

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There are three ways you can start the process: apply online, call 800.527.3328 and ask to speak to one of our loan experts, or call us to schedule a visit with a loan expert at one of our branches.

Both loans use the value in your current home to secure a low rate. A Home Equity Loan is paid out as one large sum, whereas a HELOC approves you for a limit that works similar to a line of credit or credit card, which you can then borrow from here and there as you need it (you'll only pay interest on what you actually borrow). A Home Equity Loan is great if you know exactly how much you want to borrow; a HELOC might be a better choice if you have ongoing expenses.

It depends on the value of your home and any current loans outstanding. Get pre-approved online today and start the process.


*A low introductory rate is offered for the first six months and then Prime Rate + 1% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) based upon 80% or less Loan to Value ratio with a FICO Score of 720 and above. Rate to change quarterly (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1) and will correspond to changes in the Index. The Index is the Major Bank Prime Rate as published periodically in the Wall Street Journal. The Index value used at each Change Date is the value in effect on the first day of the month preceding each calendar quarter. Minimum line amount is $10,000; maximum line amount is $300,000. There is a 10-year draw period (interest only payments) with a 15 year (fully amortized) repayment period. Minimum draw is $10,000. Estimated Closing fees are $1,500. The Closing Cost will be deducted from the first draw at close of your loan. Other restrictions may apply. No line granted over 80% Loan to Value. If you make the minimum monthly payment during the term of your loan on or before the due date, the loan will be paid in full after the repayment period ends. The Annual Percentage Rate will never exceed 18.0%. Homeowner’s insurance is required.

Read full disclosure and terms for our Home Equity Line of Credit by requesting a rate quote.