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Avoid Foreclosure

Taking the right steps


When you’re having trouble making mortgage payments, it’s best to open communication with the appropriate channels right away. While the lender is not obligated to work with you to avoid foreclosure, many are understanding and willing to work with your situation.

When you go to your lender, try to have a selection of documents available. Draft a letter documenting your financial situation and the reasons for the difficulty in paying your loan. Provide verification of income, recent bank statements, and your current budget. The more straightforward and open you are with your lender the more willing they might be to work with you.

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  • My Lender is LBS Financial

    LBS Financial might be able to work with your financial situation. Options that might be available from LBS Financial include...

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  • My Lender is not LBS Financial

    If you need help, try contacting your lender or the Housing and Urban Development counselor...

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