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About Us

Superior service; unbreakable trust

  • Our Story

    Our Story

    Our Credit Union was created in 1935 to serve Long Beach school district and city college employees. Long Beach School District Employees Federal Credit Union, as LBS Financial was originally called, was operated out of homes and a classroom at Wilson High School. The staff were mostly volunteers who wanted to help the members of their community have affordable, trusted financial options.

    In 1939, the first Credit Union office opened on 10th and Ximeno in Long Beach. About a decade later, LBS Financial purchased the office and land that its first building sat on, making it the first credit union west of the Mississippi to own its own building. We still own and operate this branch today.

    Over the last 85 years, we’ve experienced tremendous growth and expansion, but have remained true to that original commitment to serve. We are now able to serve anyone who lives or works in the local area in addition to our school and college employees. The stability of our Credit Union starts with our CEOs, who have faithfully served for extended tenures. We’ve had only three CEOs over our lifetime, each of whom has served the Credit Union for more than 35 years.


  • What We Continue to Do

    What We Continue to Do

    We continue to serve school and college employees, but we also have a state charter and now serve anyone who lives or works in our local community. Our products, services, and rates have adapted to serve our Members but our underlying commitment has not changed. We’re owned by our Members and committed to delivering them great financial products and trusted, friendly service.


    LBS Financial Credit Union operates day in and day out with these values top of mind:



    Human Focus

    Human Focus is about providing you with excellent member service and helping you achieve your personal and financial goals.


    Great overall value is an important way that LBS Financial connects its Members with paths to success.


    Every action we take towards our Members is with integrity and care.


    Our Employees work together with our Members to connect them with paths to success.

    Mission Statement:


    To provide quality services that meet the personal financial needs of our Members, consistent with a fiscally sound credit union cooperative.


    Vision Statement:


    We will make a difference in the life of a Member or business partner⁠—with each and every interaction⁠—by building trust and showing compassion.

  • Why a Credit Union?

    Why Choose a Credit Union?


    Credit unions offer similar products and services to banks, but have differences in ownership and company goals. Credit unions are owned by their members and are not-for-profit organizations that aim to improve members’ lives by offering great rates and affordable loan terms. Banks price products to make a profit, credit unions price products to serve. 

    • Credit card rates are generally about 4% better
    • Interest rates on savings can be 1% better in some cases
    • Auto loans are generally 1.5% better
  • Your Money is Protected

    How We Responsibly Protect Your Money

    Credit Unions are closely monitored and regulated to ensure that we use best practices to protect you and your money.

    LBS Financial is considered “well capitalized” by our State and Federal regulators. All your deposits are federally insured to at least $250,000 per depositor (and separately per IRA) by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a government agency. In some cases where those benefits stack, you may have funds insured up to and beyond $1 million.

    This pamphlet provides more information on NCUSIF insurance. Use the NCUA Share Insurance Estimator to better understand your share insurance protection.

  • Board & Management

    Board of Directors

    Our Board of Directors are made up of Member-volunteers that are committed to the long-term success of LBS Financial Credit Union and its Members.



    Board Member Dr. Jill Baker


    Dr. Jill Baker

    Board of Director Dr. Jay Camerino

    Vice Chair

    Dr. Jay Camerino

    Board Member Dr. John Fylpaa


    Dr. John Fylpaa



    Board Member Dr. Satinder Brar Hawkins

    Board of Director

    Dr. Satinder Brar Hawkins

    Board Member Dr. Larry Natividad

    Board of Director

    Dr. Larry Natividad




    Photo of Board Member Pamela Seki

    Board of Director

    Pamela Seki

    Board Member Luther Williams

    Board of Director

    Luther Williams




    Supervisory Committee


    Supervisory Committee Chair Dave Conrad


    Dave Conrad


    Supervisory Committee Member Keith Hansen

    Committee Member

    Keith Hansen


    Supervisory Committee Member Russell B. Young

    Committee Member

    Russell B. Young



    Executive Management



    President & CEO Jeffrey A. Napper

    President & CEO

    Jeffrey A. Napper

    Executive Vice President & CLO Sean Hardeman

    Executive Vice President & CLO

    Sean Hardeman


  • Annual Report

    Annual Report


    Take a look at what we were up to in 2021.


    View 2021 Annual Report