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Coverdell ESA

Education is the ultimate investment

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  • Any beneficiary under 18
  • Contribute up to $2,000 annually

Give Them a Financial Launchpad

A Coverdell ESA is a great way to save for the education of someone under 18. Withdrawals are tax-exempt when used for education purposes. Any two- and four-year accredited public and private college and university in the United States qualifies. The account can also be used for tuition at public, private or religious tuition at schools for Kindergarten through 12th grade. Technical school and postgraduate work also apply.

Manageable Contributions

Contribute up to $2,000 a year. Income restrictions are $110,000 for a single filing and $220,000 if filing jointly. The account can be established for anyone under age 18, unless they are a beneficiary with special needs.

Start saving for their future, today!

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This account can be opened at any of our branches. Just stop by and we'll get you set up.