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Financial Wellness Check-Up

Start the New Year off right!

Similar to a physical check-up, an annual financial wellness check-up is just as important. Ensure that your personal information is current on your account at the Credit Union. We will also look for ways to help you save money on your current loans, earn more on deposits, and provide additional financial opportunities. Visit any of our branches or call us 800.527.3328 to update your personal information.

Information you may want to update:

Email Address
Phone/Cell Number
Name Change*


Make an Appointment

To make the most of your visit, please bring statements or billing notices from your other financial institution(s) for any of the following:

Auto Loan or other Vehicle Loan, Home Loan, Credit Card, Personal Loan(s), CD’s or Share Certificates, Money Market Accounts, Checking Account(s), Home or Auto Insurance (declaration statements)



*Name changes and beneficiary updates do require an updated signature card. We can mail you a signature card or you can complete it an any branch.