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Direct Deposit

Automate your paydays

  • No need to travel anywhere to deposit your money
  • Safe and quick access to your funds
  • Access your direct deposit up to 2 days early*

Save yourself a trip to the Credit Union

Get all your checks automatically deposited into your LBS Financial account (but don’t be a stranger).


How Do I Sign Up?

  • Just provide your employer or tax provider with the LBS Financial Credit Union Routing/Transit Number (322276855) and your account number.
  • Specify if you want your money to be deposited into your Checking or Savings account.
    • Deposit to Savings: Use the account number shown on the top right-hand corner of your monthly account statement.
    • Deposit to Checking: Use the numbers as shown below on the bottom of your LBS Financial check(s).


Your employer may require a voided check or deposit slip to be included with their own Direct Deposit form. Ask your employer or the issuer of the check for their specific procedures to sign up for Direct Deposit.



Initiate the process with your employer.

Download Direct Deposit Form

*LBS Financial posts electronic deposits to your account on the same day we receive notification from the sender, instead of the scheduled payment date. Deposit date depends on when we received the deposit notification. Electronic deposits may include direct deposit paychecks, social security benefits, and any other government or retirement funds.