Certificate Laddering

A Strong Alternative for Your Savings

Step up and experience a smarter way of investing. “Laddering” is a strategy that lets you take advantage of higher interest rates and keep your money more readily accessible.

Say you have $10,000 to invest in Share Certificates. Put $2,500 each into Share Certificates that mature in 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. Six months later, your first Share Certificate matures, yielding you $2,500 plus dividends earned. If you need the money, you cash in. If you don't, you reinvest in a new 24 Month Share Certificate at a higher dividend rate.

At 12 months, another Share Certificate matures. Again, if you don't need the money, you reinvest in a new 24 Month Share Certificate.

By the end of 24 months, all your money is earning at the 24 month rate. Yet a Share Certificate matures each 6 months, so you can tap into the cash if you need it. If you prefer to tie up your money for longer time spans, you could invest in one, two, three and five year Share Certificates.

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