Visa Debit Card

Enjoy two great features in one great card with your LBS Financial Credit Union Visa Debit Card.


Use it as an ATM Card
  • Get cash up to $400*, perform withdrawals, transfers, inquiries and make payments using your LBS Financial Checking and Share Savings account
  • Use it for POS (Point of Sale) purchases and to get cash back
  • Access to over a million ATMs worldwide -- FREE at all LBS Financial, F&M Bank and CO-OP ATMs (you may be charged a fee at certain Star and Visa ATMs)
Use it like a Check
  • Convenient, easy to use - just swipe and use your PIN (Personal Identification Number) or signature and you're on your way (no waiting for check authorizations)
  • Purchases are deducted directly from your checking account and appear on your monthly statement. Even though you see the Visa logo, no credit or loan is involved.
  • You can use it for everyday purchases like gas, groceries or dining (up to $1,500 per day* POS purchases).
  • Use your LBS Financial Visa Debit Card everywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted.
Signature vs. PIN
  • When used with a PIN, you have the ability to take money out in addition to the transaction (like an ATM Card).
  • When used with a signature (like a credit card), Visa's Zero Liability Policy is activated and your purchase is protected.

Request a Card Today!

First, you'll need an LBS Financial Checking Account.**
Click here to request a card.

*Subject to available balance in your account.

**No checking account, no worries - just call or come to a branch and we'll get you started.  Members requesting a Visa Debit Card or checking account must qualify and be in good standing, certain restrictions apply. Your new Visa Debit Card will replace any existing ATM Card you have with us - which will no longer work after approximately 30 days from issuance of your new card.


Accepts Deposits: Yes

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