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Transaction Limitations (Regulation D)


A Federal Reserve regulation that limits certain types of withdrawals from savings and money market savings accounts. There can be no more than six transactions out of the account each month. Withdrawals at ATMs and teller windows from these accounts are unlimited. Click here for the complete regulation the limitations for certain withdrawals.


Uncollected Funds


Items deposited in an account that have not yet been collected, or paid, by the financial institution on which they were drawn.


Variable Expenses


Expenses like food, clothing, transportation, entertainment, etc. which may vary month-to-month and for which you may have considerable control.


Variable Rate 


An interest rate that may fluctuate during the term of a loan, line of credit or deposit account according to changes in an index rate, such as the prime rate or other prescribed criteria.


Wire Transfer


An electronic payment service for transferring funds by wire (for example, through the Federal Reserve Wire Network or the Clearing House Interbank Payments System).


Accepts Deposits: Yes

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