Zero Liability

At LBS Financial, we’ll help you manage your finances and keep you secure. Visa's Zero Liability policy means 100 percent protection for you. Visa's enhanced policy guarantees maximum protection against fraud. You now have complete liability protection for all of your card transactions that take place on the Visa system. Should someone steal your card number while you're shopping, online or at your local merchant, you pay nothing for their fraudulent activity. Visa’s Zero Liability means peace of mind for you.


  • Worry-free shopping
  • Ultimate security
  • Complete fraud protection
  • Owe nothing on fraudulent transactions

If you notice fraudulent activity on your card, promptly contact the Credit Union to report it. It is important to continually monitor your monthly statement to identify any unauthorized transactions.

The Zero Liability policy covers all Visa credit and debit card transactions processed over the Visa network—online or off. The only transactions not covered under the Zero Liability policy are commercial card, ATM, and non-Visa-branded PIN transactions. When using your debit card as a PIN transaction, Visa Zero liability policy does not cover you. Request to use your debit card as a credit card and sign for the transaction to ensure you are covered.

For transactions on other networks, the liability decision is left to the financial institution that issued your card. The issuer has the option of extending the same protections afforded by Visa's Zero Liability policy.


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