Visa Gold Points

Use your LBS Financial Credit Union Visa Gold Card to earn points towards cash-back rewards!

Redemption Terms and Conditions

LBS Financial will award you one point for each dollar spent on all purchases of goods or services (doesn't include cash or loan advances, finance or late charges, over limit or cash advance fees) using your LBS Financial Visa Gold Credit Card. If a credit is issued for the cancellation of goods or services purchased, Bonus Points will be decreased by the credit amount. Points are listed on your monthly Visa statement and are accumulated until they are redeemed or the Bonus Points program is cancelled. Bonus Point cash value is one half of one percent of $1.00 US Currency. Bonus Points can only be redeemed once per calendar year and will appear as a credit to your Visa Gold account or Share Savings account (your choice). Tax liability is the cardholder's responsibility.

The cardholder is severally and jointly responsible for repayment of the Visa Gold Card and may redeem Bonus Points by contacting LBS Financial Credit Union. Points may not be redeemed if the LBS Financial Visa Gold Card is delinquent or if any other loans, obligations or account(s) with LBS Financial are not in good standing. LBS Financial reserves the right to disqualify any cardholder from participating in this program. Bonus Points are not the property of the cardholder and cannot be bought, sold or transferred (including upon death or domestic relations matter). LBS Financial is not responsible for disputes involving joint cardholders or authorized users relating to Bonus Points. LBS Financial reserves the right to modify, and/or cancel the Bonus Points Program at any time without notice. Void where prohibited by law.

Refer to the Visa Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure Statement for account conditions.


Accepts Deposits: Yes

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