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LBS Financial Credit Union has been in Southern California for 80 years, providing competitive rates, programs and servicing all of our own home loans. If you’ve ever had the experience of financing a home loan in the past, you know what this means. Often a lender will provide you with a loan and immediately sell it to another bank/lender. Suddenly, you have no idea who you are making your payments to and it is not the organization you signed your paperwork with and trusted. With LBS Financial, you can find comfort in knowing we will be there to support you and your home loan for the duration of your loan.

5/5 Affordable ARM - Great Rates with No Points!

Take advantage of LBS Financial's Affordable 5/5 Adjustable Rate Mortgage with no points. Loan amounts up to $625,500 at conforming loan rates and only 5% down (95% Loan-to-Value) required.


  • Enjoy a low introductory rate with fewer adjustment periods from LBS Financial Credit Union! If you are planning to live in your home for only 5 to 10 years, why pay more to fix your rate for a full 30 years?
  • Your home loan will be fixed at our low initial rate for the first five years. On the fifth year anniversary date, the loan adjusts to a new rate for another five years. The loan will adjust once every five years thereafter.
  • The maximum lifetime adjustment will never exceed 5% over the initial rate. The rate can adjust up or down, depending on current market rates, a maximum of 2% during an adjustment period. LBS Financial’s ARM loans are completely straightforward with no negative amortization, no balloon payments and no pre-payment penalties.
  • No closing cost option also available for loan amounts between $250,000 - $625,500.


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